Canon Review

Canon PowerShot SX400 IS Review

It's the zoom, specifically, the optical zoom. Thin smartphones just don't have the build for moving glass, and Canon is banking on that with its new PowerShot SX400 IS. Read full article

Fujifilm Review

Fujifilm XE-2 Review

The 16-megapixel Fuji X-E2 is the middle child in Fujifilm's "X" family of MILC models, but it's more than a just cosmetic update of the X-E1. Read full article

Nikon Review

Nikon Coolpix P600 Review

Nikon's Coolpix P600 takes the foundation built by last year's P520 and adds a mammoth 60x zoom to it. Some barrel distortion and video capture lag hinder what is an[...] Read full article

Accessories Review

Olloclip Macro 3-in-1 Lens Review

A fun accessory, the Olloclip Macro lens lets users take photos at 7x, 14x, and 21x macro with their iPhone 5 or 5s. It's easy--just clip it onto your iPhone[...] Read full article

Nikon Review

Nikon D3300 Review

All in all, the D3300 comes up with many more positives than negatives -- it's a good little camera whether trading up or jumping in for the first time. Read full article

Pentax Review

Ricoh Theta Review

The Ricoh Theta has a very specific use; capturing spherical photos. But those looking to buy it will want to consider cost, image quality, and limited capabilities first. Read full article

Accessories Review

Eye-Fi Mobi: The Epitome of Simple Image Transfer

Without a doubt, the Eye-Fi Mobi card is a must-have for photographers on the go. It's also a great option for those traveling. Read full article

Samsung Review

Samsung WB350F Review

The Samsung WB is a great little camera for new photographers or ones looking to step up from a smartphone. It has good functionality as well as Wi-Fi and NFC. Read full article

Olympus Review

Olympus Stylus 1 Review

The Olympus Stylus 1 is thoughtfully designed and robustly constructed. It's responsive, non-threatening to subjects, and capable of generating first-rate images. Read full article

Samsung Review

Samsung 60mm F2.8 Macro ED OIS SSA Lens Review

There's a lot to recommend the 60mm macro--it's fast, it's sharp and it does a lot of other things extremely well besides macro. Read full article