Easiest Snowflake Photography (or How to Photograph Snowflakes Part 2)
by Laura Hicks -  1/16/2014

I decided to do a part 2 of "How to Photograph Snowflakes" because there was such an overwhelming response to the last one. In this article I share an amazingly easy way to get perfect snowflake pictures--while staying warm the entire time! Seriously, it doesn't get any easier than this!

In the last article, I explained that my tool of choice is the Olympus TG-2 for taking macro shots of snowflakes (heck, macro shots of just about anything). There's a reason that I promote a specific camera when taking these kind of shots--it simply does a better job than any other tool I have used. I have tried using macro lenses connected to DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, but they generally offer a 1:1 ratio at best. The TG-2 offers users a 7x-14x magnification while in super macro mode. This means you will have no problem zooming in on your subject. Also, the camera has a minimum focusing distance of 1 cm. This means you can get super close to your subject. Although I use the TG-2, feel free to try whatever tools you have at your disposal--macro lenses, macro lens adapters, or macro filters. If you get great results, let us know!

Believe it or not, this session of macro snowflake photography was done from inside my house using the Olympus TG-2! During the last snowfall, I noticed that I had some beautiful snowflakes sticking to my window. I quickly grabbed the camera to see if my newest idea would work. Not only did it work, but it was way easier than my last snowflake session and I was able to stay warm and dry the whole time.

Here's how to do it:

I love being able to share the tricks of the trade. Likewise, if you guys have some great suggestions we would love to hear them. Head on over to our forums and let us know how you capture that perfect shot!