iPhone Macro Addicts, the New Olloclip Will Make You Smile
by Laura Hicks -  12/23/2013

Makers of the Ollclip just introduced their newest product. The Olloclip Macro is now available for the iPhone 5/5s. The Olloclip Macro is a 3-in-1 lens system created for those with a love of macro photography. The new macro lens was designed to deliver sharper image quality, with less pincushion distortion.

The Olloclip Macro gives users 3 levels of macro focus: 7x, 14x and 21x. The lens even comes with an InstaFocus Hood which diffuses the light and helps to give users the accurate focal length for taking macro pictures. I also think it would act as a great bug catcher for small insects. Those little buggers move fast. It would be nice to be able to contain them for a few minutes while taking their picture--as long as the hood does not diffuse the subject too much.

It's no secret that I have been a fan of Olloclip since the release of the original product. I love shooting with that macro lens and cannot wait to get my hands on this new macro-only lens attachment!

The Olloclip Macro sells for $69.99. The lens attachment can be used on the iPhone 5/5s and the iPod Touch 5th generation.