FPT: Camera Brand Pros and Cons, Market Analysis
by Laura Hicks -  9/6/2013

Finding the right camera for your needs can be completely overwhelming. With camera companies unveiling the latest and greatest devices every time you turn around, it can be hard to wade through the endless sea of photographic technology.

Don't get sucked into the notion that the only good camera manufacturers are Canon and Nikon. Although the big two make excellent cameras, you would be doing yourself a major disservice if you only look at these two brands. Each camera manufacturer has their strengths and their weaknesses. Below is a list of camera manufacturers with what I feel is their greatest strength and biggest weakness. Note: These are broad generalizations about the brand as a whole, not based on one specific camera from their lineup. Check out our extensive database of digital camera reviews in order to get a better understanding of specific cameras.










Purchasing the right camera is all about finding the right tool for your individual needs. A camera that's perfect for one person may not be a good fit for another. It's about figuring out your needs. Once you decide what your needs are, you have a better chance at finding the perfect camera for you. Try to ignore the marketing, the fan boys and the naysayers. Decide which camera strengths you must have and with cons you can live with. There is no such thing as a perfect camera for everyone. Focus on a finding a camera that's just for you. Have a great weekend and go grab that shot!