FPT: Using Sun Flare to Enhance Your Images
by Laura Hicks -  8/9/2013

Sun flare (aka lens flare), the effect you get from allowing sunlight to enter your lens, results in a variety of looks and is currently one of the most popular photographic trends. Which kind of makes me chuckle since, for many years, professional photographers have used almost any means possible to reduce or eliminate those obtrusive streaks and orbs. But, as trends have a tendency to do, these unmistakable bands of light are all the rage and photographers just can't get enough of them. When done correctly I absolutely love them. They can add depth and interest to an otherwise unmemorable image. So what's the best way to capture this infectious photographic trend?  

Photography is all about lighting--how to use the light, how to manipulate the light, how to control the light. Of course, that can be easier said than done when you are just starting out.  That's why sun flare can be so appealing. It would seem that extensive photographic skills are not needed to obtain this effect. But, like any technique, proper execution will render the best results.

Here are a few pro tips that can help to give you awesome results:

Avoid some of the biggest problems with sun flare:

Practice makes perfect...have a great weekend and go grab that shot!