FPT: Expression Trumps Perfection
by Laura Hicks -  7/19/2013

Have you ever gotten so caught up in creating the perfect shot that you lose the emotion of the image? If so, you are not alone. Read on for some tips to create an image full of feeling and emotion.

Are any of these situations familiar to you? 

When I first became a professional photographer one of the best pieces of advice I got was from another professional photographer. She told me, "Expression over perfection, Laura." An otherwise perfect image will not speak to your clients like one that is filled with emotion and personality. And she was right. Over the years I have been surprised several times over when a client will choose a less than perfect image as their absolute favorite. The biggest reason for their choice--the image was the embodiment of the subject's personality. 

Her advise has been a guiding philosophy in the creation of my images. And no matter how seasoned I have become, it's a pro tip that keeps me connected to my clients. Of course, I always strive to create the perfectly exposed, perfectly sharp, and perfectly perfect image. But when push comes to shove, I will take a great expression over a perfect image any day! 

When you first start shooting, it's really easy to get caught up in f stops, ISOs and shutter speeds. So here's a couple of tips to help you refocus your photographic energy into creating work that if full of life and emotion: 

Capturing your subject's personality will only lead to a higher client satisfaction and, most likely, a bunch of referrals. Not a paid photographer? These tips work the same for your own kids and animals. As always, have a great weekend and go grab that shot!