Introducing Friday Photo Tips: New Educational Series
by Laura Hicks -  5/24/2013

DCR is welcoming a new series called the Friday Photo Tip. This series is designed to help inspire and teach you some basic, interesting or creative tips to further your passion for photography.

These articles are meant to be an open forum for learning. We welcome all levels of photographic experience from newbies to advanced professionals. We  look forward to your questions and advice for our other readers, but we require that all comments follow good forum etiquette. We want those with questions to feel safe to ask questions without the fear of rude or inappropriate responses.

Each week we will investigate a different topic, idea or strategy to taking better pictures. We would love your suggestions on what topics you would like covered. Come back week after week as we explore the numerous ways to make photography fun and enhance your creativity. What a great way to get your weekend started!