Black Friday 2012: Tips on Finding Digital Camera Deals
by Laura Hicks -  11/8/2012

It's only two weeks until Black Friday and I'm already starting to get giddy. The hunt for the deal, the rush of the purchase-it's a great feeling to save so much money in a few short hours. But standing in long lines, shopping at 3am and pushing your way through the crowds is not for everyone. Retailers know this and they are responding. No longer are the best deals only available on Black Friday. Online companies and retail stores such as Newegg and Target are now offering Black November deals. Wal-Mart is opening their doors at 8pm on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day to jump start your shopping experience.

The biggest shopping event of the year is almost here. Are you ready? Cameras and electronics will be the hottest purchases this year. Check out our buying tips and awesome deals we have already found for you.

Buying tips

Do your research. Do not wait until the last minute to decide what digital camera, tablet or laptop you want. Research the top digital cameras this year in our 2012 Holiday Guide. After you've made your decision, peruse the ads and check out websites such as,,, and These website are filled with the hottest cameras and the best deals you can find.

If you plan on visiting the stores...

If you plan on shopping online...

 Looking for the perfect DSLR camera for the holidays?  Check out our 2012 Holiday Guide for the best in digital camera choices for the holidays!