Extreme Telephoto Combo Lens announced for Apple iPhone 5
by Laura Hicks -  11/8/2012

Today, DCkina gives us one more option in the ever-growing lineup of iPhone attachment lenses. This lens kit, created for use with the iPhone 5, includes a 180 degree fisheye, wide angle (+macro), 2x telephoto, 9x telephoto and 12x telephoto. An independent black cover holds the lenses in place while in use. The lenses are designed to easily screw into the case while firmly holding the lens steady.  The kit also consists of a mini tripod for added stability.

The telephoto lens combo kit retails for $95.95 and is available from various retailers.

DCkina also makes additional lenses and accessories for the iPhone; including a polarized filter lens, 4x telephoto lens, 20x super macro lens, 190 degree super fisheye lens, and a mini 0.5x super wide angle lens.