Apple After Jobs: Focus on the iPhone and Digital Cameras
by Allison Johnson -  10/24/2011

Steve Jobs' departure was a blow felt around the technology world. The all-powerful iPhone has impacted many sectors of consumer tech, cameras included. As we say goodbye to Jobs, we are left in the midst of a camera industry in a state of flux.

The iPhone 4S is equipped with an image-maker more powerful than any before it. With an 8 megapixel sensor and an f/2.4 aperture lens, it's likely to be the only camera that many iPhone users will carry. Is "good enough" tech getting to be just plain good?

It's changing the photograph landscape, for sure, but for our taste the iPhone isn't quite ready to kill the point-and-shoot. Here are four reasons why the point-and-shoot isn't out of the picture (yet).

For everything we wish that the iPhone would do, there's no denying what a powerful image-making tool it has become. Wirelessly uploading photos to the web directly from a camera is clunky at best and impossible with most currently available point-and-shoots. The iPhone, and after it other smartphones, shares images and video easily. Point-and-shoots will have to evolve to keep up with this level of connectivity. Consider the game officially changed.

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