Fujifilm Mirrorless System in Development
by Allison Johnson -  10/5/2011

At a press event in Japan, Fujifilm announced that a mirrorless system camera is currently in the works. Virtually no details have been released. Fujifilm reps make no mention of sensor size but do assert that (noise-wise, at least) images will be comparable to those produced by a camera with a full-frame sensor. More details and some preliminary mockups are expected at CES 2012.

Sensor size may be the biggest question mark as Fujifilm dives into an ever-crowding mirrorless market. Olympus and Panasonic forged the way with a not-quite-APS-sized Four Thirds sensor, and now Nikon jumps in with a smaller chip. With rumors of 30+ megapixel full frame sensors on the horizon, the megapixel wars are hardly over. Committing to an APS-C or something larger could leave plenty of room for increasing numbers of pixels if the pressure to add them remains high through the next few product cycles.

via Mirrorless Rumors