Ricoh Purchases Pentax
by Allison Johnson -  7/8/2011

The Pentax Imaging brand changed hands again, sold by the Hoya Corporation to Ricoh. The sale took place late last week, and an official transfer of business is set for October 1, 2011.

In an open letter posted on the Pentax website, Hoya advises Pentax customers and fans that no operational changes are anticipated and that all products currently sold under the brand will keep the Pentax name.

Hoya purchased and merged with Pentax in 2008. This chapter in the Pentax history book saw the introduction of the popular K-x entry-level DSLR, K-5 DSLR and 645D medium format camera. For more information on its latest product launch, read our coverage of the Pentax Q, announced just weeks ago.

Ricoh, a Japanese company, has enjoyed some recent buzz for their modular GXR cameras featuring interchangeable lens/sensor combinations. Head to Pentax's site to read more about the Ricoh purchase.