SanDisk showcases fastest high capacity CF card, $1499
by Amber Riippa -  1/6/2011

SanDisk just showcased and will launch the DSLR 128 GB ExtremePro CompactFlash card for professionals, with what SanDisk is now deeming (when it comes out) the fastest high capacity CF card in today’s market. It can write up to a whopping 100 megabytes a second for continuous video capturing. It supports the transfer protocol UDMA-7 and can store up to six hours of video onto the card. 

This card is meant for those photographers who are shooting or would like to shoot in high definition video for longer periods of time without having to carry around multiple cards at once - thanks to the speed, capacity, and storage space of this CF card.

It comes with the Video Performance Guarantee (VPG) which ensures full HD video when shooting. But wait, there's more. It also comes with a Power Core Controller with an improvement in the Controller's ECC engine from previous versions for those performance-driven, high-end digital SLR cameras. 

Other specs:

The SanDisk 128 GB ExtremePro CF card will be sold worldwide for $1499 in Q1 2011 and can be pre-ordered from SanDisk's website. Limited lifetime warranty included.