Benro Announces Lightweight Tripod Kit
by Andy Stanton -  7/8/2010

Benro has announced a new lightweight tripod, the A-150EXU digital tripod kit. It weighs only 2.2 lbs but can support both point and shoot and SLR cameras that weigh up to 4.4 lbs.

The tripod folds to a height of 20.4 inches but can be extended to 62.7 inches. Its legs come in four sections that can be independently locked into place at three different angles to enable shooting in cramped quarters, on irregular surface areas, or at ground level.

The center column has a wingnut style locking knob to allow for precision height adjustments. The center column can be inverted and even split for low level photography down to 7.5 inches. The kit includes a matching ballhead which incorporates a bubble level for precise leveling and a dual-lock lever to ensure the camera is securely seated.

The A-150EXU digital tripod kit will be available from many retailers at a list price of approximately $100. See Benro's website for additional information.