Sony Announces Interchangeable Lens HD Camcorder
by Jamison Cush -  5/11/2010

Sony today announced what could be the first consumer-level interchangeable lens HD camcorder, an as-of-yet unnamed device leveraging Sonys new NEX technology.

Details are still scarce, but according to the announcement and sources from Sony, the new HD camcorder will have the following specs:

Sony's new interchangeable lens HD camcorder

PC World Australia is reporting that the CMOS sensor will be the same 14.2 megapixel unit found in the new NEX-3 and NEX-5, but there is no word whether the HD camcorder will share the same touchscreen menu and 3D functionality of the NEX line.

Sony introduced three new E-mount lenses with the NEX unveiling. They are:

According to the Sony Insider blog, the interchangeable lens HD camcorder will be released some time in the Fall. There is no word on pricing.

Panasonic recently announced a similar device, an interchangeable lens HD camcorder based off its Micro Four Thirds technology. Rumors suggest that camcorder could cost more than $6,000 and will target the filmmaking community.