Firmware Updates for Nikon D3, D700, D3x and D300S
by Andy Stanton -  1/6/2010

Nikon has released firmware updates for four of its DSLRs, the D3, D700, D3x and D300S. The firmware updates make the cameras compatible with 32GB CompactFlash memory cards and, in addition, add new features and resolve several software issues the cameras were experiencing. The firmware updates are A/B 2.02 for the D3, A/B 1.0.2 for the D700, B 1.01 for the D3X and A/B 1.0.1 for the D300S.

For additional information, downloads and update instructions, see Nikon's website for support for the camera's affected, the D3, D700, D3x and D300S.