Olympus improves E-P1's lens flexibility with firmware update
by Andy Stanton -  6/27/2009

The Olympus Pen E-P1 has only been public for a little more than a week, but already Olympus is looking to take full advantage of the camera's open-format Micro Four Thirds (MFT) lens system – which allows the camera to use MFT lenses from several manufacturers.

Olympus E-P1

To this end, Olympus has announced a firmware update for its new Pen camera that will allow the device to operate more effectively with the following MFT lenses from Panasonic:

The firmware update for Panasonic's 14-140mm MFT "superzoom" increases overall performance stability between body and lens.

Similarly, the 14-45mm firmware update improves auto focus performance for still and movie recording, improves the stability of optical image stabilization during movie recording and decreases audible noise while adjusting the aperture while movie recording.

Firmware updating instructions are found at the Olympus website.

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