Pentax K-7 Announced
by JerryJ -  5/19/2009

Pentax Imaging Company announced today the launch of the much-rumored Pentax K-7 digital SLR camera. The newest Pentax K series camera is designed for advanced photographers seeking high-end design and features without the cost of a professional DSLR system with similar features. The Pentax K-7 features a rugged new body design with an all new 14.6 megapixel CMOS sensor capable of HD Movie Capture and a range of new, unique-to-Pentax camera controls.


Like every Pentax DSLR that came before it, the K-7 is compatible with every Pentax lens ever made. However, the big news here isn't the camera's backward compatibility. Rather, the Pentax K-7 includes several unique features that have never been offered before in any K series digital camera, and in some cases any camera:


A variety of K series camera features that are significantly improved in the Pentax K-7 include:


Along with the new K-7, Pentax announced a D-BG4 battery grip. This battery grip may be used in combination with the camera's rechargeable lithium-ion battery to double camera's battery life. The D-BG4 also accepts 6 AA batteries in an alternate battery tray so photographers can find batteries virtually anywhere in the world. With a vertical shutter-release button, e-dials, AE-lock and a new focus button, the grip features the same weather-resistance, dustproof and coldproof construction as the Pentax K-7.

In order to get the most of the weather sealing in the K-7, Pentax also announced two new affordable weather-resistant lenses. The smc DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL WR and the smc DA 50-200mm F4-5.6 ED WR kit lenses feature weather-resistant seals and promise to be the most affordable weather-sealed lenses on the market.

Pentax has been generous enough to let us take a look at a pre-production K-7 model. For our first impressions and a few sample photos, check out our article.

The Pentax K-7 body only will ship in July 2009 for $1,299.95 USD. The Pentax D-BG4 battery grip also will ship in July 2009 for $229.95. The new weather-resistant lenses will be priced at $199.95 for the DA 18-55mm and $249.95 for the DA 50-200mm. These products also will ship in July 2009.