Ricoh releases GR Digital II firmware update
by Whitney Downing -  4/23/2009

Ricoh has released version 2.30 of its firmware for the GR Digital II.

This update includes the ability to save white balance compensation settings in the My Settings section. The update also has improvements for the flash settings. Manual flash becomes available, and the internal flash allows the manual flash to be selected in the flash mode. In addition, the flash timing is now able to be set from either the first or the second curtain.

Ricoh GR Digital II

Ricoh also introduced a feature called 'Today's Shots' which displays the number of photographs taken on the date that the camera is used. This feature appears when the camera is turned off. This firmware update also solves a phenomenon that happened when AutoRotate was on while vertical and horizontal images were present on the camera. If the ADJ lever was used to enlarge images in the playback mode, the images would not display. This issue has been fixed with this firmware update. The update and more information about it is available on Ricoh's web site.