Eye-Fi adds video file transfer to wireless SD cards, bumps up storage space
by Allison Johnson -  3/5/2009

Eye-Fi, a manufacturer of memory cards with wireless photo sharing capability, has announced a new generation of cards that incorporate video file sharing and more storage space. They're also lowering the price on memory cards already in their product lineup.


The new cards, with an expanded 4GB of storage space, transmit photos and videos through a wireless connection to a home computer or a couple dozen photo-sharing and social-networking websites. Of the two new cards introduced, the higher-end "Explore Video" will automatically geotag photos and videos and offers access to Wi-Fi hotspots.

Alongside this announcement, they've also introduced an iPhone application that will allow Eye-Fi card owners to upload pictures from an iPhone to the web or home computer. It's a free application, available for download now at the Apple app store.

The existing photo-sharing cards don't offer video transfer, but Eye-Fi has brought the price down on the 2GB SD cards. At $49, the Home card will transmit photos to a home computer, and for $59 the Share card transfers files to a computer and the web.

Eye-Fi will bring the new 4GB cards to stores later this month. The Share Video, $79, and the Explore Video, $99, are available for pre-order at Eye-Fi's website now.