Fujifilm rolls out accessory kit for FinePix S100FS
by David Rasnake -  10/10/2008

We don't usually go in for the OEM accessory kits, but Fuji's put together an assortment for its FinePix S100FS that looks like a pretty good deal.

Fujifilm FinePix S100FS

The S100FS kit includes a small shoulder bag designed to tote the S100FS and a few accessories, Fuji's PixRx two-year extended warranty, and perhaps most interesting, a copy of Corel's Paint Shop Pro X2 image editing software.

Sounds to us like some stuff that you'll actually use for a change (especially the Corel license). No lens cap holders or cheap teleconverters here. Best of all, the entire kit retails for $59.99, which isn't much more than you'll pay for Paint Shop Pro X2 by itself.

Fujifilm's website has more info.