Fujifilm launches SD memory line: xD presumably on its way out
by David Rasnake -  9/29/2008

It may look like a sign of the apocalypse to many, but it seems that rumors of Fujifilm's move away from the proprietary xD memory format that it's jointly supported for years with Olympus are credible.

Fujifilm SD

We got our first hint when the recently launched FinePix S2000HD came to market without xD support, and the most significant evidence to date came today with the launch of Fuji-branded SD/SDHC memory.

Available in October, the new Fujifilm cards will come in 1GB and 2GB regular SD variants, as well as 4, 8, and 16GB SDHC flavors. Micro SD versions up to 8GB will also be available.

No word on pricing for the new memory.