Microsoft launches Photosynth, free 3D image rendering technology
by David Rasnake -  8/21/2008

Microsoft's long-promised 3D, 360-degree image rendering technology became reality yesterday with the official launch of its Photosynth technology.


A free service, Photosynth allows users to combine multiple still images of a single subject or location taken from different perspectives into a single visual medium known as a "synth." Once the synth is assembled, viewers can manipulate perspective in three dimensions, looking up or down, left to right, or zooming in and out as desired.

Photosynth, which uses computer-side software that works in conjunction with a web-based service, develops synths automatically from collections of 20 to 300 overlapping images. A press release about the launch from Microsoft Live Labs yesterday outlined the entire procedure in greater detail:

To take a look at synths that others have developed (including compositions of some of the world's most famous landmarks created in conjunction with National Geographic) or download the software and create your own, visit