Social networking sites support 40 percent of online photo sharing
by David Rasnake -  7/28/2008

According to a report out this week, social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace host roughly 40 percent of all images uploaded to web.

An InfoTrends survey report entitled "Online Photo Services End-User Research: 2008" reveals that nearly half of those who upload photos for online sharing do so to popular social networking sites rather than dedicated photo sharing services.

Online photo viewing via social networking sites proved popular with nearly half of all survey respondents as well.

Net-to-retail printing – where users upload photos to services like Snapfish for printing but opt to pick them up at one of the online service's local-vendor partners instead of having the prints shipped – represents another area of strong growth in the online photo services arena. The ability to "get [...] prints faster and avoid paying for shipping," thus combining the convenience of online ordering with the speed of in-store pick-up, attracts many consumers to net-to-retail options according to the report. has a complete press release detailing findings of the research.