HP display promises breakthrough in color control
by David Rasnake -  6/18/2008

There was little of direct interest to photographers on display at HP's "Connecting Your World" event in Berlin last week, but a new LCD may prove to be the next major advancement in display technology.

HP DreamColor

Designed in conjunctions with the graphics professionals at Dreamworks Animation, the HP DreamColor LP2480zx supports true 30-bit color. The result? Accurate reproduction of a gamut of more than one billion (that's billion, with a "b") colors.

On the control side, the display is driven by HP's DreamColor Engine software, which, in conjunction with the new display, promises to provide an unparalleled level of color accuracy for applications where precise color reproduction is critical.

At $3299, the DreamColor isn't exactly targeting the photo enthusiast market – yet. For professional applications that demand exact color control, however, this comparatively affordable price represents something of a breakthrough.


UPDATE: editor and frequent DCR contributor Jerry Jackson got an up-close look at the new DreamColor units while in Berlin.

HP DreamColor

The DreamColor display is on the right. Note that the expanded gamut is subtle but clearly visible even in a point-and-shoot snap of the displays.

For even more info on the new displays and the partnership between HP and Dreamworks, check out Jerry's write-up of the "Connecting Your World" event over on