Brick-and-mortar camera shops building presence online
by David Rasnake -  6/5/2008

How does a traditional "brick-and-mortar" electronics store survive in a market that's come to be dominated by the internet? If data on the photography industry from PMA's latest marketing research is any indication, building a presence online seems to be the answer.


Comparing data from 2006 and 2007, marketing analysts at PMA are reporting that brick-and-mortar camera stores made nearly 20 percent of their digicam sales online in 2007. This represents a strong one-year uptick in percentage of online sales from 2006, when the web was the medium for around 15 percent of all digital cameras sold by these same retailers.

Other camera retailers, including discount stores and big-box electronics houses, saw increases in the number of cameras sold through their online outlets as well – albeit the gains were smaller than in the dedicated camera store market.

Get the full story courtesy of the marketing association's PMA Foresight blog.