Digital Foci set to release stylish Image Moments digital photo frames
by David Rasnake -  12/27/2007

Digital photo frames are a nice idea, and it makes sense that most households may eventually replace one or more of their "real" photo frames with a digital one. With plenty of frames that display great looking images out there, the bigger problem is often one of frame styling itself. I, for one, am not willing to adorn my living room with a frame that looks like it was built by the Star Trek props department. Unforunately, lots of digital photo frames are still too focused on the gadget, and not enough on style.

Imaging company Digital Foci recently announced that their new Image Moments line of digital frames (in 5.7, 8, and 15-inch varieties) will be officially unveiled at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in a few weeks. Trimmed in wood or polished metal, these matted image displays are handsomely normal in appearance, and the 8 and 15-inch models allow custom framing and matting as well meaning nearly endless stylistic possibilities.

Digital Foci Image Moments 8
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All three models feature high-tech screen technology, including LED backlighting on the 5.7-inch Image Moments 6 and 8-inch Image Moments 8, and a 1024x768 XGA display with a 700:1 contrast ratio on the Image Moments 15. Built-in memory card slots support all common memory types, including xD-Picture Card and Memory Stick, with 200 MB of internal memory for photo storage in each model. Image Moments frames can display JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF images, in addition to RAW files from many cameras; support for several video and audio file types is also available.

List prices are $149 for the Image Moments 6, $199 for the Image Moments 8, and $399 for the Image Moments 15. Full specifications for each model are listed below.

Image Moments 15:

Image Moments 8:

Image Moments 6:

General Specifications: