Pentax Optio A30 and Optio W30 Digital Cameras Announced
by Ben Stafford -  2/21/2007

Pentax announced two new additions to their Optio line today. The Pentax Optio A30 is their "advanced" model that replaces the A20. It features 10 megapixels of resolution, a high resolution 2.5 inch LCD, 3x optical zoom, and CCD-shift image stabilization. The Pentax Optio W30 updates their line of waterproof digital cameras and shoots at 7.1 megapixels with a 3x optical zoom and 2.5 inch LCD.

The Pentax Optio A30 will ship in late March 2007 for $349.95 and the Optio W30 will also ship in March for $299.95.

Pentax Optio A30

pentax optio a30
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As the "A for advanced" model, the Optio A30 is a full-featured compact digital camera. The A30 is the successor to the A20. In addition to bumping resolution up to 10 megapixels, there are a few other enhancements as well. There is still a 3x optical zoom. The 2.5 inch LCD is also improved, with 232K pixels of resolution and a 160 degree viewing angle.

The image stabilization system in the A30, which Pentax calls Shake Reduction (SR) uses a CCD-shift method to counter-act camera shake. The SR system provides 2.5 - 3.5 shutter speed steps of image stabilization. The camera also uses a digital SR to counteract blur caused by moving subjects. The camera can shoot at sensitivities up to ISO 3200.

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Pentax Optio W30

pentax optio w30
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The Optio W30 is the latest in a line of five waterproof digital cameras from Pentax. This time around, Pentax has improved the waterproof feature of the camera allowing it to shoot for up to 2 hours submerged to 10 feet. Metal front and back covers add durability and a water repellant coating has been added to the protective glass on the lens.

The 7.1 megapixel, 3x optical zoom camera also has Digital SR to counter-act blur fromo moving subjects by increasing the sensor sensitivity. The camera can shoot at sensitivities up to ISO 3200.

The 2.5 inch LCD has an LCD Bright Mode to allow easy adjustment to the LCD brightness. An anti-relective coating reduces glare.

The W30 also features a macro mode that can focus on subjects as close as half an inch.

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