Kodak Enters Consumer Inkjet Market
by Ben Stafford -  2/6/2007

Kodak has entered the consumer inkjet market with three new inkjets and a pricing structure for inks that will break the pricing mold currently used by consumer inkjet printers. The current model is to use low-priced printers with relatively high-priced ink cartridges. Kodak printers will use premium, pigment-based ink at much lower prices, with a black cartridge costing $10 and a color cartridge for $15.

Kodak Easyshare 5500

Consumers will be able to print for about half the cost of current inkjet printers. On average, having spent $15 on a color cartridge, you will be able to make about 105 4x6 inch photos compared to about 48 4x6 inch photos from competing inkjets. For a $10 black ink cartridge, the Kodak printers can do about 349 pages versus the 145 pages that the competitors can print. A Kodak Photo Value Pack will be available, which includes a color cartridge and a 180 sheets of Kodak photo paper, that will cost 10 cents per print.

Kodak Easyshare 5100

Kodak rolled out three printers:

Kodak Easyshare 5300

The 5100 and 5300 printers will be available in March 2007, exclusively at Best Buy stores. The 5500 printer will start shipping in May 2007. You'll also be able to order from starting in April 2007.

To help launch the new printers, Kodak will be having a launch event today in New York City at NBC Studios and they've launched a web site ( to provide a little entertainment while they educate consumers about the high priced ink industry. The site has interactive games; videos of a comedic, mock-TV show called Ink Is It; a print-cost calculator for consumers to determine how much they are currently spending on ink; and detailed information about the new line of products. Over the next few months, Kodak will release several new videos, introduce new prize contests and provide other interactive, consumer-oriented features on the Web site.