Pentax Optio A20 and Optio M20 Digital Cameras Announced
by Ben Stafford -  8/21/2006

Pentax has announced two updates to its Optio line of compact point and shoot digital cameras.  The Pentax Optio A20 features 10 megapixels and three methods of providing anti-shake.  It will be available in September for under $350.  The Pentax Optio M20 features 7 megapixels and long AA battery life.  It will be available in September for under $200.

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Pentax Optio A20

The A20 is the upgrade to the Optio A10 that was introduced at the beginning of this year.  The A20 bumps up the capture resolution to 10 megapixels and also adds support for SDHC memory cards.  Pentax is also marketing the A20 as having three methods of anti-shake:

Other Pentax Optio A20 specifications:

Pentax Optio M20

The M20 is also an upgrade.  Its predecessor, the M10, offered 6 megapixels.  The M20 features 7 megapixels, with a 2.5 inch LCD and 3x optical zoom.  The M20 is powered by 2 AA batteries.  If you use alkaline batteries, you will get approximately 220 shots.  If you try lithium batteries, you will get approximately 700 shots.

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Other Pentax Optio M20 specifications: