HP Photosmart R967, R827, E427, M627 Digital Cameras Announced
by Ben Stafford -  6/1/2006

At the HP Imaging and Printing Conference, HP introduced about 100 new products.  Among the new products were four digital cameras, including one capable of shooting at up to 10 megapixels.  The HP Photosmart R967, R827, E427, and M627 digital cameras are expected to be available in North America in September 2006.

HP Photosmart R967

hp photosmart R967
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HP Photosmart R967 Data Sheet

HP Photosmart R827

hp photosmart R827
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HP Photosmart R827 Data Sheet

HP Photosmart E427

hp photosmart e427
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HP Photosmart E427 Data Sheet

HP Photosmart M627

hp photosmart M627
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HP Photosmart M627 Data Sheet