Digital Camera News: Circuit City Survey, Fujifilm Real Photo Technology, IDC Digital Camera Forecast
by Ben Stafford -  5/2/2006

Circuit City Survey Reveals What People are Looking for in Digital Cameras

Circuit City performed a survey of over 2,900 people to learn about what they're looking for in a digital camera, and who uses the camera most in a family (57% of respondents said that mom took the most family pictures).  Not surprising, 71% of people who are using a film camera are thinking of purchasing or are actively looking for a digital camera.  When looking for a digital camera, people ranked the primary features of digital imaging:

When looking for a camera:

Fujifilm Profiles Their Real Photo Technology

With the release of the Fujfilm Finepix V10 (currently available) and Finepix F30 (shipping this month), Fujifilm is promoting their Real Photo Technology which reduces digital noise "at the source".  Digital noise appears as graininess, colored spots and color flecks in images taken in low light.

Fujifilm finepix F30
Fujifilm Finepix F30

When shooting in low light without a flash, the camera must increase the length of time that the shutter is open to expose the image correctly.  However, the longer shutter speed also makes any moving objects blurry (and if you're hand holding the camera, everything will blur).  In order to make the shutter speed faster, the sensitivity of the sensor can be increased.

The Real Photo Technology in the Fujifilm cameras allow them to shoot at high sensitivities (high ISO values).  The F30 can shoot at an equivalent of ISO 3200, the highest sensitivity in a compact digital camera.  In order to make it easy for the photographer who doesn't want to know what ISO means, Fujifilm has included an easy to access mode, Picture Stabilization, to the mode dial on the F30.

Full press release

Highlights of Worldwide Digital Still Camera Forecast from IDC

The Worldwide 2006-2010 Digital Still Camera Forecast from IDC provides a high level view of the digital still camera market, including 2005 total shipments and forecasts for 2006-2010.  Data is included from the United States, Japan, Western Europe, Asia/Pacific and ROW (Rest of World).  Here are a couple highlights:

To get the full report, you can purchase the full Worldwide 2006-2010 Digital Still Camera Forecast from IDC.