Herd of New Digital Cameras From Vivitar
by Ben Stafford -  2/16/2006

Vivitar has announced several new cameras in time for PMA. The notable ones include two 10 megapixel cameras, the Vivicam X30 and Vivicam X60. There are also two 8 megapixel models, 4 six megapixel cameras, 4 five megapixel cameras and a few 2 and 3 megapixel cameras.

Below is the information that I've been able to pull from the least coherent press releases that I've ever seen.  When the image for a product has different model numbers and branding than the camera they're supposed to represent, it can make life pretty rough for me.

Vivicam 55

Vivicam 2010

Vivicam 3105s

Vivicam 5150s

Vivicam 5350s

Vivicam 5386

Vivicam 5388

Vivicam 6150s

Vivicam 6320

Vivicam 6330s

Vivicam 6380u

Vivicam 8400

Vivicam 8600s

Vivicam X30

Vivicam X60