Digital SLR Camera
by Brian -  10/3/2005

A digital SLR camera is on the higher end of today's digital camera offerings, designed for serious photographers. SLR describes a single-lens reflex, where the shutter on the digital version of an SLR retracts to record an image. This means that you can capture excellent quality images in action. You don't have to miss shots while you're waiting for the shutter to fire.

One of the most popular reasons for buying a digital SLR camera is for the ability to change out lenses on the camera. Would you like to get a better picture of your son's action in the football game? You don't have to settle for blurred images that are too distant to identify. You can use wide-angle, zoom, or telephoto lenses that will provide realistic, close-up pictures at any event.

In comparing a digital SLR camera with a compact camera, you will find the SLR has an average of twice the megapixels. The sensor is larger, giving a much clearer image. If you intend to print out any of your pictures, choose a higher number of megapixels for the better print quality. Larger prints require at least four megapixels for crisp clarity.

For people wanting to make a wise investment in a digital SLR camera, it's important to compare specifics about a variety of cameras. At, you'll find the latest information about a variety of cameras with the SLR technology. The reviews are easy to search by manufacturer, price range, megapixels, or optical zoom.