Pentax and Canon Digital Camera Eye Candy
by Ben Stafford -  9/14/2005

A colleague of mine attended a media event this week in NYC and got to see some of new cameras announced by Canon and Pentax.  Lucky for us, he sent some pictures.  Below, you'll see the Canon Powershot SD30, the Canon Powershot SD450, and the Canon Powershot S80.  After that, we'll hit the Pentax models: the Optio WPi, the Optio S6, and the Optio S60.


Rockstar Red Canon Powershot SD30 [larger]


Canon Powershot SD450 [larger]


Canon Powershot S80 [larger]


Back of the Canon Powershot S80 [larger]


If you've always wondered... [larger]

Pentax Optio S6 [larger]

The token Altoids demo with the S6 [larger]

Pentax Optio WPi [larger]

Pentax Optio S60 [larger]