Digital Camera News: Nikon Firmware Updates, Nikon Going to Beat Profit Targets, Microsoft RAW Viewer
by Ben Stafford -  6/23/2005

Firmware Updates From Nikon

Nikon has released firmware updates for the Coolpix 8400 and Coolpix 8800.  The following issues were addressed (for both models):

Coolpix 8400 Update

Coolpix 8800 Update

Nikon to Beat Profit Targets

Reported at, Nikon's imaging unit is expecting to beat its profit target of 20 billion yen ($183 million) as it introduces new models and cleans out their inventory.  They expect their wide offerings, especially in the digital SLR market, to help curb the falling prices on cheaper cameras (point and shoots).

As the prices drop on the lower-end cameras and demand slows down (1 in 2 households in Japan have a digital camera), having more expensive products will help keep revenue going.  During the months ending in June, there was a 10% increase in shipments of compact digital cameras over a year ago.  However, there was a 40% increase in shipments of digital SLR's over the same period, when compared to a year ago.

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RAW Viewer from Microsoft

Microsoft has released the "Microsoft Raw Image Thumbnailer and Viewer for Windows XP".  This first release fully supports the Nikon and Canon RAW formats.  The software consists of two components:

  1. A Windows XP shell extension that adds options to the context-specific menu (when you right click) on a RAW file.
  2. An enhancement to the Picture Viewer to allow RAW images to be viewed like other image files. 

For full details and link to download the "power toy", head over to Microsoft's site.

Fireworks Photo Gallery at DCResource

If you like to look at (or take) photos of fireworks, Jeff, over at Digital Camera Resource Page ( has details on his 6th annual fireworks photo gallery.  He gives some pointers on how to take great pictures of fireworks and gives you the opportunity to show what you've taken.  You can go see the page for this years gallery or browse the images from 2004.