Camcorder News

Microsoft Hyperlapse Smooths Out Unwatchable Time-Lapse Vids

Microsoft researchers have made leaps and bounds in their efforts to rid the world of jerky, unwatchable time-lapse video shot on GoPro and other head-mounted recorders. Read full article

Nikon News

Apple Update for OS X Mavericks Brings RAW Compatibility to 10 Late Model Cameras

Mac-based digital photographers running OS X Mavericks have just received an early Christmas present from Apple. Read full article

Accessories News

That’s Not a Lens, It’s a Lens Vacuum

Why didn't I think of that? It's a DSLR lens cleaner that vacuums out dust particles. Read full article

Pentax News

Function and Fashion Merge for Pentax Q-S1

The newly announced Pentax Q-S1 digital camera from Ricoh Imaging occupies the space where intermediate-level functionality and fashion merge. Read full article

Canon News

Canon’s New Super-Zooms Built for Shooting from Afar

Bigfoot hunters and bird photographers of all budgets take note: Canon has announced the release of two new products in its line of super-zoom compact cameras aimed at both entry-level[...] Read full article

Sony News

Sony All Action with New HDR-AS20

Never mind lights and camera. Sony is yelling "ACTION" with its latest line of action cams for videographers of a more agile bent. Read full article

Samsung News

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: A Smartphone and Camera Hybrid Designed for Selfies

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is a smartphone-camera hybrid aimed at selfie aficionados looking to up their self-portrait game. Read more on Brighthand. Read full article

Adobe News

Adobe Lightroom mobile for Creative Cloud Syncs Edits Between iPad and Desktop

Lightroom mobile, which has just been added to Adobe's Creative Cloud family, allows users to access and edit images on an Apple iPad using familiar tools. Read full article

Accessories News

Momentage Releases App For Sharing Photos and Video

More than just-another-Instagram, Momentage offering unique and intuitive features, while also helping users make the most of their smartphone camera. Read full article

Panasonic News

Panasonic announces the HX-A500 Wearable 4K camera

Panasonic announced the HX-A500, which the company is marketing as the world's first 4K wearable camera. Read full article