Fujifilm News

Fujifilm Mixes Modern Tech with Retro Style for New X30

The Fujifilm X30, successor to the X20, is the latest iteration of the X-series compact camera, and it includes a Real Time Viewfinder Fujifilm calls "the largest, brightest, fastest and[...] Read full article

Camcorder News

New Casio Action Cam Features Detachable Viewfinder

Casio's Exilim EX-FR10 lets adventurers take selfies anywhere. Read full article

Ultracompact News

Leica M-P Digital is all Black and Very Fast

German manufacturer Leica is giving its retro rangefinder cameras a makeover, ditching the classic red dot logo but sticking with the 50s-era aesthetics of its M series digital shooters. Read full article

Camcorder News

Give Fido a Pooch Cam with GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

Ever wonder what a dog sees? GoPro has a mount for that. Read full article


Google Photo Sphere Camera App Hits iOS Market

In Google's ongoing efforts to prove it plays well with others, its once-exclusive "Photo Sphere" app has officially hit the iOS market. Read full article

Sony News

Sony Set to Unveil Perfume Bottle Selfie Cam

In response to the apparent demand for more selfie-enabling tools, Sony is reportedly planning the release of a line of selfie cams made in the shape of perfume bottles. Read full article

Sony News

Sony A5100 Official with Quicker Autofocus

Can compact mirrorless cameras get any better? Sony seems to think so as it has just released the latest in its gradually evolving line of compact mirrorless cameras. Call it[...] Read full article

Camcorder News

European Space Agency’s Break Up Camera Set to Document Fiery Atmospheric Reentry

There are disposable cameras, and there are cameras that record their very own destruction for the world to see. Read full article


World’s Fastest Camera Shoots What No Camera Has Shot Before

You may think your camera is fast, but prepare for some serious shutter envy. Read full article

Camcorder News

Polaroid Cube a Cutesy Take on Action Cam

With the impending release of its new Cube camera, Polaroid is looking to win the award for cutest action camera with the Cube. Read full article