Camcorder News

Ricoh WG-M1 Takes a Licking and Keeps on Shooting

Hardcore adventurers and extreme sports enthusiasts just got one more reason to document their daring exploits without worry of damaging their expensive equipment, thanks to a new camera from Ricoh[...] Read full article

iPhone 5 News

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Pack Cool Cam Specs

You probably heard about the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Find out what's so special about these new smartphones from an imaging perspective. Read full article

Fujifilm News

Fujifilm Retro Cams Get a Facelift

Everything old is new again, and Fujifilm is proving it true by releasing retro looking cameras that pack all the wallop of modern day pro-level digital shooters. Read full article

Sony News

Sony’s Lens Cameras Attach to Your Smartphone

The second wave in a new line of Sony cameras is turning regular smartphone picture takers into bona fide photographers. Read full article

Camcorder News

Sony Action Cam Mini Gets Wet, Wild, and Smaller

Size matters, and when it comes to action cams, the smaller you go the better. No stranger to this knowledge, Sony has just performed a shrink-down makeover on its mini[...] Read full article

Sony News

Sony RX10 Gets a Price Drop and a Firmware Video Upgrade

Indecisive digital camera shoppers now have two good reasons to take another look at the Sony RX10: super boosted video quality and a near 25 percent drop in price. Read full article

Adobe News

Pixlr Coming to Desktops as Free App

The freebie photo editor market just got better with the arrival of Pixlr for Mac and Windows machines. Read full article

Olympus News

The Olympus Selfie Cam Isn’t a Toy

Offering further evidence that the selfie craze is here to stay, the latest offering from Olympus is a compact mirrorless camera with a design intended not only to encourage more[...] Read full article

Pentax News

New Pentax K-S1 Focuses on Ease of Use

Packaging advanced DSLR features into a compact, user-friendly interface, the new Pentax K-S1 looks like a marriage between camera and smartphone that could appeal to photographers of a variety of[...] Read full article

Camcorder News

Instagram Hyperlapse App Brings Life in Fast-Forward

Instagram videos just got a much needed quality infusion thanks to Hyperlapse, an app that should make amateur-shot short form vids more viewable. Read full article