Samsung News

4K-Capable Samsung NX1 Finally Coming Soon

The Samsung NX1, its first 4k-capable consumer camera, is finally coming stateside. Read full article

Sony News

Sony’s A7 II Kills Camera Shake Dead

Long the bane of both professional and amateur photographers the world over, camera shake has been known to mar perfectly framed photographs for all eternity. Read full article

Sony News

New Sony Sensor Promises Awesome Smartphone Autofocus

It appears an era of even higher quality smartphone photography is almost upon us, if Sony has anything to say about it. Read full article

Samsung News

Samsung Aims to Create a Virtual Reality Camera

Project Beyond is the name of the latest endeavor from Samsung's Think Tank Team, which aims to enable individuals to create compelling content to be viewed on VR headsets. Read full article


Lytro Looking to Expand Beyond the Camera Business

Mountain View-based Lytro, a company that specializes in the development of light-field cameras, is making a go at the dev kit market which could serve to expand its reach well[...] Read full article


Amazon Prime Now Comes with Unlimited Cloud Photo Storage

Offering up proof that membership indeed has its benefits, Amazon is adding another considerable checkmark to the list of perks for Prime subscribers. According to Amazon, the new Prime Photos[...] Read full article


Drift Action Cam is Stealthy and Small

If the progress of action cams can be marked by shrinkage, Drift Innovation is on target to keep its primary rival GoPro on its proverbial heels. Read full article

Kodak News

Kodak PIXPRO SP360: R2D2 Goes Wet ‘n Wild

Sporting a body that looks a bit like a squashed, sharp-edged R2D2, Kodak's latest foray into the action cam market is called the PIXPRO SP360. Read full article

Sony News

Sony Announces Pro Support for Pro Photographers

Professional photographers just got a brand new best friend in Sony. Read full article

Ricoh News

Ricoh’s Next-Gen Theta M15 Spherical Cam Captures 360-Degree Video

The new Theta M15 from Ricoh is poised to make Google's Photo Sphere app look unwieldy in comparison. Read full article