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EyeDirect Now Offering Smaller, Foldable "Eye Contact" Device - the Mark E
by Laura Hicks -  4/11/2013

[click to view image]We recently stumbled upon this nifty device and can't wait to share it with you. The EyeDirect Mark E is an ingenious video and photography device that guarantees eye contact during photo shoots and interviews.

The device is quite simple in its design, but clever in its ability to engage the photographer with the subject. EyeDirect is a company known for their "eye contact boxes." These boxes, named the Mark II and the Mark E, sit directly in front of a video or still camera and use a mirror system to allow the subject to see the photographer instead of the camera. When the subject interacts with the photographer instead of the camera, the results of the interview or photo shoot are much more natural and relaxed. The photographer is able to participate more directly with their subject when the EyeDirect Mark II or Mark E is being used.

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The Mark E is a new addition to the company's lineup, previously consisting of only the Mark II. Smaller, foldable, and more compact than its predecessor, the eye contact device can be set up in about 10 minutes. It is available with and without a hard carrying case. The functionality of the Mark E is identical to the Mark II - it's just a bit smaller. The Mark E comes with a base plate to hold the camera in place, an allen wrench for tightening the hex bolts, a riser for "lifting" a DSLR camera to a higher point and the device itself with adjustable mirrors.

The Mark E is available for $999 without the case and $1250 with the case. The larger version, the Mark II can be purchased for $1395 without the case or $1750 with the case. 

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