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Camera Trends for 2012: Wi-Fi Wrap Up
by Laura Hicks -  12/26/2012

[click to view image]#1 Samsung Galaxy Camera

Arriving in mid-November, the Galaxy bounded onto the compact camera scene with a long list of specs and a plethora of features. Total connectivity is the name of the game. The Samsung Galaxy not only offers users access to the internet via Wi-Fi, but also with an optional data package. It comes fully equipped with a Quad-core processor and the full Android market. This camera has the functionality of a tablet with the build of a camera. The sleek design and stylish body make this camera a real looker. Not wanting to spend $500? The Samsung WB850F and WB150F also have Wi-Fi capabilities at half the price or less.

[click to view image]#2 Samsung NX1000

The NX1000 is Samsung's latest Interchangeable Lens Camera. At 20.3-megapixels, the Samsung NX1000 comes shipped with a 20-50mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. Samsung also bundles this camera with a removable flash.  The ability to swap out a better lens or a more powerful flash makes this ILC camera a great option. A 3-inch LCD screen is bright and easy to read. It has an ISO range of 100-12800, which is quite nice for a camera of this class. Equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, "Smart Link" allows the user to sync the NX1000 and transfer your files wirelessly. 

[click to view image]#3 Canon 320 HS

Canon has brought Wi-Fi to the compact camera line for less than $200. Small and sleek, the camera has a multitude of creative features. It has the ability to identify up to 58 different scenes and select the best photographic option. The camera comes packed with 16.1-megapixels and a lens that is a 24-120mm equivalent. The Canon 320 HS also has a 3.2-inch LCD touchscreen. Designed for the casual photographer who likes the auto setting, the 320 HS is a capable point and shoot that can handle itself in a multitude of situations with grace and speed.

We believe this is just the start of the "Connected Camera." With CES just around the corner, we look forward to reviewing more cameras with Wi-Fi capabilities. Check back in to find out what these new cameras have to offer.

Don't have a Wi-Fi camera? Some cameras accept Wi-Fi SD cards. These cards use built-in Wi-Fi to make your camera function with wireless capabilities. 

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