Who We Are

TechnologyGuide is an integrated group of product review, evaluation websites and forums. It aligns your product or brand with respected, trusted, detailed and up-to-date editorial content and product insight. The goal is to shorten the path from search to purchase for personal and business technology buyers.

TechnologyGuide delivers in-depth news, reviews, head-to-head comparisons, forum communities, pricing and the latest deals on desktops notebooks, tablets, smartphones, printers, and digital cameras. It is an ideal environment to engage potential customers through targeted marketing, delivering instant access to a large group of ready-to-buy business and consumer researchers – close to 9 million per month -- interested in specific technology products. our content effectively and efficiently attracts and resonates with a tech savvy audience of buyers and influencers. TechnologyGuide also gives advertisers the opportunity for engagement at the point of sale, the opportunity to build product awareness, and the opportunity to reach all types of technology buyers.

Our Users

TechnologyGuide's target audience consists predominantly of business owners/users, IT/MIS managers and professionals, tech-savvy consumers, and individuals who are in all stages of their purchase decision process.

Our content attracts and resonates with an influential audience -- 83% are currently researching a purchase and 84% are considered to be purchase-influencers. These ready-to-buy pro-sumers and corporate decision makers from both Enterprise and SMB companies are a rich and rapidly growing source of highly targeted buyers for all technology vendors. Our reach to SMB technology buyers is unmatched in the industry that represents more potential buyers for your solutions in this very important segment.

The TechnologyGuide portfolio of web sites routinely ranks near the top in search engine queries, attracting interested in-market product buyers. Our growing base of users and repeat visitors helps TechnologyGuide generate close to 9 million unique visitors per month. It is the smart source for serious technology buyers and creates a rich environment of opportunity for all technology marketers.

“It's the smart source for serious technology buyers”

TechnologyGuide attracts all buyers

* 8.5 Million monthly unique visits

* 22.5 Million monthly page views

* For Researchers: Best, most detailed, independent reviews

* For Advice-Takers: "What Should I Buy?" forum is most popular forum on site

* For the Value Conscious: Deep site sections on coupons and deals

Vertical Approach

One of TechnologyGuide's differentiators is the vertical focus of our sites which is bolstered by our powerful and targeted user forums. Editors and expert contributors can zero-in on key technology areas and deliver content that relates to specific purchase research demands, while our user forums give buyers the opportunity to connect with peers and validate purchase decisions. This allows vendors to target their products and messaging to individual technology areas, and align with readers who are looking for specific product types and categories.

Social Community

A rich social environment for marketing alignment, TechnologyGuide's forum community hosts over 850,000 members and drives over 12 million monthly page views. Custom opportunities -- such as micro-communities -- can be built around any vendor topic or brand messaging to generate interactivity and peer responses. The result is a highly interactive information environment that partners TechnologyGuide's valued editorial with expert user feedback and comments into a single and powerful online information source.