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So You Want to Go Pro? How-To Tips on Becoming a Professional Photographer

Interested in being a professional photographer? Check out our how to advice on launching your professional photography career. Read full article

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How-To: Compose and Photograph Landscape Photos

Learn the tricks of the trade to taking great landscape photos. Create awesome pictures with this beginner's guide. Read full article

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How To: Macro Photography Made Easy

Taking macro photos is easy if you know how. You need a little knowledge and the right equipment to get perfect close up pictures. Read full article

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Shopping Smart: How to Buy a Used Camera

There are plenty of good reasons to consider buying a used camera, whether it's for yourself or someone else. Secondhand gear is cheaper, adding more room to your budget for[...] Read full article

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How To: Basics of Portrait Lighting

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How To: Get the Most From Your Art Filters

Are you armed with an Olympus PEN digital camera? If so, take a look at our quick tips for using your in-camera filters. Hipster achievement unlocked! Read full article

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DCR Workshop: Take Better Macro Photos with a Point-and-Shoot

Gather round, point-and-shoot shooters. We've got a few tips for the casual photographer looking to get better close-up photos from a no-frills compact camera. Don't be shy, get close! Read full article

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DCR Workshop: Setting Up a Natural Light Studio

Don't stay cooped up in an indoor studio all summer, head to the great outdoors for your next portrait session. In this DCR Workshop, we take you step-by-step through the[...] Read full article

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DCR Workshop: Post-Processing to Get What You Want

We'd all like to "get it right in the camera" all of the time. In reality, challenging lighting and gear limitations make this impossible. In this DCR Workshop, we're taking[...] Read full article

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Getting the Most from your Batteries

At the heart of every digital camera is the battery that keeps the shutter snapping. Take a look at our brief guide to camera batteries and how to get the[...] Read full article