Tracie Maglosky, First Female Olympus Trailblazer

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“Sometimes you just have to let go of your negative self talk and remember that you’ve made it this far. Stop expecting the worst possible outcome and fall in love with the idea that success is achieved daily; moment by moment, loving act by loving act, positive thought by positive thought, and attitude by attitude. Be great and you will be great!”

~Tracie Maglosky

Olympus’ newest Trailblazer, Tracie Maglosky, is achieving her dreams through hard work and dedication. Residing in Southwest Ohio, Tracie has built a reputation as a trusted wedding and portrait photographer who forms lasting relationships with her clients. She works with her clients on-location and in her studio. Tracie’s personality is infectious and her work speaks for itself.

About a week ago, Olympus appointed Tracie Maglosky of Tracie Jean Photography the first female photographer named as a member of Olympus’ elite Visionary/Trailblazer program. The crowning of Olympus’ first female Trailblazer is a humongous deal–especially to other female photographers. And the fact that Tracie hails from the same city as me, made this an event I could not help but cover. As we sat across from each other at a local coffee shop, Tracie recounts the story of her ascension into this influential group of professional photographers as a whirlwind of events, “I have been a faithful Olympus camera user for 13 years and a supporter of Olympus through it all.” Tracie’s whole story can be read in her blog by clicking here. Tracie is still pinching herself to make sure this experience is real. But Tracie is grounded. She knows that the evolution of her photographic journey is never complete. She strives daily to achieve perfection, but knows there is always something to learn. She has a heart for other photographers and loves the opportunity to teach newbies what she knows.

As a professional wedding and portrait photographer, Tracie’s camera bag is full of Olympus’ newest gear. So what’s in Tracie’s bag?

But Tracie hasn’t always used Olympus’ OM-D cameras to shoot her sessions. Tracie’s previous camera was the Olympus E-5. “It’s a total shift in not overthinking. Using the E-M5 and the E-M1 makes photography easy. Anyone can use those cameras.” The biggest mind shift, however, was realizing that fantastic imagery could come from such a small package. As a wedding photographer, photographic talent is often judged by the size of your camera and lens. On several occasions, guests of the wedding (who have bigger cameras) have questioned Tracie about the images she is producing from her camera. She simply shows them the back of her LCD screen and they are quickly hushed.

For Tracie, the Olympus flash system is also a huge selling point. The FL-600 flash is her way of creating a mobile studio. She has multiple flashes and sets them up to be triggers wirelessly through the small flash that is included with the E-M5 and E-M1. “That little cutie flash is a powerful thing. I turn it down to -3 and it offers just enough light and triggers the other FL-600 flashes.” Tracie even showed me how she sets up her flashes to be triggers through Olympus’ menu interface. “It’s all done in-camera. It’s great!”

After talking to Tracie about her gear, we circled back around to her own photography. Tracie’s photographic passion falls heavily on photographing people. So, naturally, we discussed the topic of over-edited images. “One of my favorite things about being a photographer is photographing people…including their flaws. Flaws are beautiful.” She recalls that she sometimes has to remind a woman how beautiful she is to others–especially moms who don’t understand how wonderful she looks to her husband and kids. “Her vision of the world is beautiful.” And Tracie wants to make sure that vision is captured through her photography.

What’s on the horizon for Tracie Maglosky? Tracie secretly loves photographing boudoir sessions. She loves making women feel beautiful. After the session is over, she says that the women truly feel good about themselves. “It’s a confidence booster for women.” In her spare time, Tracie also loves photographing flowers and nature.

As for Olympus’ Trailblazer program, Tracie is completely modest about the experience. She recalls being star struck by the other visionaries and she still feels that way. “I get to be with the brightest photography stars out there. It’s humbling.”

Check out Tracie’s work on her website and watch for more amazing photography to come from her. Tracie is featured on Olympus’ Facebook page and participates in live photo critiques. Give it a try! Tracie is always kind and willing to help. 

All images by Tracie Maglosky. Published with permission.

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