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Fujifilm X100T Hands-on Preview

Fujifilm pioneered the big sensor and compact camera paradigm at photokina 2012 with its X100 model. It's since released a successor, the X100s, and at photokina 2014 Fujifilm unveiled its[...] Read full article

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Fujifilm Retro Cams Get a Facelift

Everything old is new again, and Fujifilm is proving it true by releasing retro looking cameras that pack all the wallop of modern day pro-level digital shooters. Read full article

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Fujifilm Mixes Modern Tech with Retro Style for New X30

The Fujifilm X30, successor to the X20, is the latest iteration of the X-series compact camera, and it includes a Real Time Viewfinder Fujifilm calls "the largest, brightest, fastest and[...] Read full article

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Fujifilm XE-2 Review

The 16-megapixel Fuji X-E2 is the middle child in Fujifilm's "X" family of MILC models, but it's more than a just cosmetic update of the X-E1. Read full article

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Fujifilm X-E2 Hands-On Preview

The X-E2 is Fujifilm's follow-up to its popular X-E1 mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera, and it appears to be a substantial upgrade. Read full article

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Migrating to Mirrorless: Death of the DSLR

What would it take to make you give up your DSLR? It might be easier than you think. See why mirrorless might be the best way to go! Read full article

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Fuji X-T1: Hands-on First Impression Preview

The new Fuji X-T1 offers users 75 points of weather sealing plus a gorgeous EVF and top deck! Yes, this camera is a thing of beauty. Read full article

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Oh Fuji, You Tease!

Want a peek at Fuji's newest camera coming out on January 28th? We guarantee it's X-rated! Read full article

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Fuji Announces XF56mm f1.2 X-Series Lens at CES 2014

Fujifilm has introduced the Fujinon XF56MM F1.2 R Lens for its premium X-Series interchangeable lens cameras. Read full article

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Fuji Unveils New Cameras at CES 2014

Fujifilm announced a new line of advanced FinePix digital cameras at CES 2014 in Last Vegas. The lineup includes the FinePix S1, FinePix XP70, FinePix S9400W, and FinePix S8600. Read full article