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Shoot by BitTorrent Is a Legit (and legal) Sharing App

If you prefer not to go through the extra steps of syncing through Dropbox of Google Drive, and you don’t like the idea of passing your private digital files through[...] Read full article

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Facebook Moments Both Useful and Neat, Also Creepy

We know what you’re thinking: not another Facebook app! We thought the same. And then we tested out its Moments app. Here’s what we found. Read full article

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Bundle the Best at Organizing Smartphone Photo Mess

Beleaguered digital hoarders rejoice! Bundle is here to shoulder the burden of tackling that dreaded five-syllable word: organization. Read full article

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Best iPhone Photo Apps: The New & Improved Flickr

In the recent revamp of the iOS mobile app, Flickr has made the intelligent choice of pushing its Auto-Uploadr feature front and center, which is a great move. Read full article

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What Are the Best iPhone Photo Apps? Picturine Free Photo Editor

Picturine – Free Photo Editor delivers impressive variety of post-snapshot effects capable of transforming even the most boring photos into share-worthy images. So what’s so special about it? Read full article

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What Are the Best iPhone Photo Apps? Hipstamatic DSPO

Hipstamatic was the answer to turning your digital iOS snapper into an old-school analog camera. Now, its makers have released a new app that appears to marry the elements of[...] Read full article

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Apple Pays $20M for High Tech Camera Company

New cameras coming to iPhones and iPads? Maybe! Read full article