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Canon Review

Canon PowerShot SX230 HS Review

If you experience deja vu looking at the Canon PowerShot SX230 HS, you're probably remembering its SX210 predecessor. They may look like twins, but the SX230 houses a newer CMOS[...] Read full article


Canon PowerShot SX230 HS

The Canon SX230 HS is a compact ultrazoom featuring built-in GPS tracking, a 3.0-inch LCD and full 1080 HD video capture. Read full article

Canon Review

Canon PowerShot SX30 IS Review

With an unprecedented 35x optical zoom lens, the Canon PowerShot SX30 IS wants to be the camera that does it all. That 24-840mm equivalent range covers your wide landscape shots[...] Read full article


Canon PowerShot SX30 IS

The PowerShot SX30 outpaces its SX20 predecessor with a 35x optical zoom lens, a first for any fixed-lens digital camera. It features a flip-out 2.7-inch LCD, optical image stabilization and[...] Read full article

Canon Review

Canon PowerShot SX130 IS Review

Canon's Powershot SX130 IS joins the compact ultrazoom posse as the SX120 rides off into the sunset. With a 12x optical zoom, it boasts a longer lens, and the requisite[...] Read full article


Canon PowerShot SX130 IS

The PowerShot SX130 is a AA-powered 12x ultrazoom. It’s considerably larger than an ultracompact point-and-shoot, but it’s smaller than a 24x or 30x optical zoom ultrazoom heavyweight. It offers a[...] Read full article

Olympus Review

Olympus SP-800UZ Review

The Olympus SP-800UZ doesn't lack anything in zoom power. That 30x optic offers a wide range of shooting possibilities from wide to telephoto. Can the rest of the camera's features[...] Read full article

Point and Shoot Review

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H55 Review

Sony knows how to pack a compact camera like the Cyber-shot H55 with great features. A 10x optical zoom, Sweep Panorama mode, and even a manual exposure mode make the[...] Read full article


Olympus SP-800UZ

The Olympus SP-800UZ boasts an impressive 30x optical zoom lens. It lacks the electronic viewfinder of its SP ultrazoom predecessors, but it’s equipped with a 3.0-inch LCD, 720p HD video[...] Read full article


Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H55

The Sony Cyber-shot H55 is a compact ultrazoom featuring a 10x optical zoom lens, a 3.0-inch LCD, and Sony’s unique Sweep Panorama technology. Read full article