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Pentax Review

Pentax Optio E40 Review

The Pentax Optio E40 is the latest entry-level point and shoot from Pentax. Falling squarely in the sub-$150 price range, the E40 is the cheapest current Pentax Optio camera that[...] Read full article

Pentax Review

Pentax Optio Z10 Review

The Pentax Optio Z10 is a new entry from Pentax that features a 7x optical zoom in a very slim body (similar to the Casio Exilim EX-V8). It also[...] Read full article

Pentax Review

Pentax K100D Super Review

Last year when Pentax introduced the K100D, they advertised it as "an affordable, full featured, user friendly digital SLR." This year when the Pentax K100D Super was announced, they advertised[...] Read full article

Compact Review

Pentax Optio M40 Review

The Pentax Optio M40 is a newly-introduced "ultra-slim, sophisticated metallic body" point & shoot (P&S) that is a refresh of the Optio M30 the new camera gets a[...] Read full article

Pentax Review

Pentax Optio E30 Digital Camera Full Review

The latest entry level model in Pentax's extensive line of point & shoot digital cameras is the Optio E30. As with any digital camera, there are pros and cons.[...] Read full article

Pentax Review

Pentax Optio A30 Digital Camera Full Review

When Pentax introduced the Optio A20 in August 2006, they called it the flagship of the Optio digital camera line . Don t look now, mates, but the admiral[...] Read full article

Accessories Review

Pentax Optio W30 Digital Camera Full Review

With apologies to Captain Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean: "dead cameras take no pictures". Nothing can stop an aquatic photo opportunity quicker than an ill-timed intrusion of[...] Read full article

Canon Review

Pentax K10D Digital Camera Full Review

Canon and Nikon currently dominate the semi-pro dSLR market, but all any camera maker has to do to unseat the sales leaders is to offer a better product at a[...] Read full article

Canon Review

Pentax K100D Digital Camera Review

The Pentax K100D is up against some pretty stiff competition including Canon's Rebel XT and Nikon's D50. At 6 megapixels the K100D looks to be holding the short straw, but[...] Read full article

Pentax Review

Pentax Optio W10 Digital Camera Review

If you're looking for a camera that needs to be able to take a light dunking, the waterproof, 6 megapixel Pentax Optio W10 is an excellent choice. The W10 is[...] Read full article