Sigma 2008 Camera Articles

Popular Sigma Articles for 2008

Sigma DP2, SD15 out in the open

Sigma showed off a pair of forthcoming models at Photokina today, highlighting improvements and upgrades in their two camera series.

Sigma updates DP1 firmware

Sigma has released a firmware update for its large-sensor 14 megapixel compact camera, the DP1.

Sigma to assume ownership of Foveon

Camera and lens manufacturer Sigma announced this week that it was acquiring the entirety of sensor manufacturer Foveon, Inc.

Sigma DP1 Firmware Update v1.03

Version 1.03 of the Sigma DP1 firmware adds an ISO 50 capability and display icons while in Grid Display mode.

Sigma updates DP1 firmware

Sigma has released new firmware for its innovative large-sensor compact, the Sigma DP1.

Four Thirds partners team up to provide firmware updates

In an effort to iron out one of the big wrinkles in the Four Thirds partnership, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sigma have jointly announced today a new global system for updating[...]